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Thorsten Massel
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6 July 2011

About a month ago, solarmassel was approached by a family, who owns a house in San Fulgencio, Alicante.
Various problems were discussed during the initial meeting:

  • The existing gas boiler was not providing adequate hot-water to the outlets.
  • They had experienced problems with damp, as the house is not occupied all year round.
  • The central heating system, when working, was consuming large quantities of gas, but at the same time was not providing adequate temperatures.
  • Furthermore, as many other people, were they very concerned about ever rising energy prices.

It was put to solarmassel S.L. to find a cost effective solution to the mentioned problems, using solar energy, if possible.

After analyzing occupancy, type of construction, model of gas-combi-boiler, situation of the property and extensive questioning of the people living in the property and their habits, solarmassel S.L. designed a thermal solar system with a 650 L deposit tank with 2 heat exchangers and 4 solar collectors.

Roof mounting of 4 collectors in direction south 175 G and inclination of 20 G
Direct connection of collectors to deposit tank with flexible INOX Tubo, with high sun-resistant insulating material.  

Placing and connecting of insulated 650L deposit Tank in basement, link to existing Gas boiler.

Preparation of consumption water in “direct flow” system (no storage of consumption water).

A very simple but effective heat management system is installed. Acclimatization of the property during winter month and non occupation happens automatic and without consumption of gas. “Overproduction” of energy is used acclimatizer the basement area, which in the past caused huge problems.

After only two days of installation work and having been operational two month now, first results are very encouraging.

Hot water supply to outlets has improved both in quantity and in temperature
Excess production is directed automatically to the basement area.

We are awaiting the first heating period, to evaluate savings in primary energy.


tony buyck
Posted 05.29.12
i am very intrested in the system.being an architect myself i believe that spain has a capacty to produce energy very cheap and even export energy (elect) that they can produce very easy. i would like to have an appoinment for my house in alfaz del pi .please contact me from 26 of june,on my mob.605 64 56 92.
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