solarmassel, S.L. and Web 2.0

Thorsten Massel Photo
Thorsten Massel
Owner, solarmassel S.L.
Twitter: @solarmassel
26 May 2011

Somewhere between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, solarmassel S.L. realized we were still at web 1.0 and far from web 2.0. Realizing we were not connecting with our online consumers - neither through communication of our products and services nor as a means of engagement / conversation, we decided to relaunch our website to offer more information that could actually be found by the search engines, and therefore, you. (Who knew?)

We also began dabbling on sites quite foreign to us -- like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn... So please follow, like and connect with us - it is lonely out there! And feel free to reach out to us wherever you happen to be online. Over the upcoming weeks, we'll be testing our blogging, tweeting, posting and social networking skills - all in an effort to share our passion for solar energy. We'd love to hear your feedback - whether on our site usability, content or oversights.

New consumers, thank you for finding us. Loyal friends, thank you for your support. According to our web developer, this post signifies the 'soft' launch of our website. (We are not sure what that means exactly.) We'll be back as we turn up the digital dial and go live. 


David Diaz
Posted 05.29.11
Great article!
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