Solar Central Heating Solutions

Solar central heating systems consist of a deposit tank and solar panels or vaccuum tubes which are installed on the roof of the structure combined with an internal matrix of pipes normally installed under the unit's flooring that disburse the heat as needed. Water stored in the rooftop deposit tank reaches a temperature of up to 95 degrees centigrade and is then circulated on demand throughout the property by way of the under-floor heating apparatus.

It is important to acknowledge that even the largest solar heating system will not be operational 365 days of the year in Spain. During prolonged periods of bad weather a back-up system is required as an alternative source of energy. Still, through the latest solar technology and proper management of the solar heating system, cost savings of up to 80% on heating can be achieved.

Several variables are considered when designing a custom solar central heating system for a home or business. In particular, the area of the structure, anticipated activity and behavior of the inhabitants and function of the building are critical factors. solarmassel S.L. has successfully installed hundreds of solar central heating systems and back-up solutions in the past 25 years. Our expertise is designing and executing a system that is individually suited for each client's needs.

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