Solar Hot Water Solutions

Whether you are a home owner, landlord or business owner, you know that hot water is a significant expense in Spain. With the abundance of sunlight, it is possible to save up to 80% of costs with a well-designed solar hot water system.

solarmassel S.L. installs two different types of systems:

Thermosyphon Systems

The thermosyphon system is a low-cost, maintenance-free and durable system that is easy to install. The system consists of a rooftop tank and solar panel that is connected to the structure's water supply. With a thermosyphon system, temperatures of up to 80 degrees centigrade can be reached.

Forced Systems

In a forced system, a rooftop solar panel is connected with a circulation line to a tank on a lower level - such as a basement or garage. A control-pumping unit then circulates heating fluid and energy for heating the water is passed to the tank by way of a heat exchanger. Forced systems are usually chosen for larger structures. They are more complex than thermosyphon systems and therefore require a little bit of maintenance and some additional costs. However, as with the thermosyphon system, temperatures of up to 80 degrees centigrade can also be reached.

solarmassel S.L.  has over 20 years of experience installing both thermosyphon and forced systems in private homes and businesses. By conducting a thorough needs analysis of your individual situation, we will provide a custom solution that suits your needs.

View photos of our solar hot water systems.

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