Solar-Based Pool Heating Solutions

The benefits of utilizing solar energy for swimming pool heating are many:

  • Traditional heat pump systems are twice as expensive, not only upon installation, but to maintain and run. Solar pool heating systems have no operational costs whatsoever.
  • A solar pool heating system can expand the usage of your pool from three months to eight months or longer depending on the needs of the owners.
  • Solar pool heating systems are very easy to install and maintain.

A solar pool heating system requires solar collectors a minimum of half the pool size which can be installed anywhere in the proximity of the pool. The existing pool pump is used to circulate the water through the collectors while the temperature is controlled by a maintenance free valve. Finally, a solar pool cover is recommended when the pool is not in use.

solarmassel S.L. has installed many solar pool heating systems in converting existing traditional systems and on new pools during the past 25 years. We work closely with our clients to assess your needs and offer a solution that can operate for years without any maintenance whatsoever.

View photos of our solar-based pool heating solutions.

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